Website Maintenance

Keep your site up to date and running smoothly!

Your website is important! It is your online brand presence, a sales tool and it may be your primary source for marketing and/or revenue. Similar to your car, you’re going have a better and longer ride if you have a well-oiled machine. Our Website Support Services includes more than just WordPress updates. The following services (and more) are included:

Preventative Maintenance

We will scan and secure your site and set you up for success during the setup process. Every site and hosting environment is different.

Malware Monitoring

World class security monitoring and malware attack cleanup. Stop attacks before they start, eliminate malicious code if they happen.

Wordpress Updates

We will keep a watch on your website and make all necessary updates. This includes core, themes and plugins. Click here to see a more detailed list.

Compatibility Support

Updated WordPress, a theme or a plugin and find out something broke? We offer up to an hour of compatibility support. If we can’t fix it within that time, we will rollback to your latest update and contact you with recommendations.

Wordpress Support

Every month you get access to our team of developers for website maintenance and support services. Whether you need assistance in installing a plugin, cleaning up CSS issues, or changing an image, we can help.

Scheduled Backups

We regularly schedule (monthly) backups on your website. We can store them on your server, to your own off-site location or we can even provide off-site storage for an additional low monthly cost.