Typical Maintenance Requests

Some of our clients just don't have the time to keep everything up-to-date

Our expert technicians execute each task very carefully to ensure that your website is not adversely affected .  Our services cover a wide array of activities; please see a short list below of the tasks that we can accomplish for your company/website.

  • New Pages addition and updating existing pages
  • Add/update calendar events, news
  • Add/delete picture, PDF Files etc. in website pages
  • Adding/updating photos in Photo Galleries
  • Adding testimonials
  • Add/update products in online store
  • Add/update sitemap/XML sitemap
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Add Live Chat widget
  • Newsletter design
  • Minor programming changes
  • Adding/updating Slideshow/banner images
  • Social media integration- add FB, Twitter link or widget
  • Virus, Malware removal
  • Articles and blog posting in blog
  • Embedding videos from YouTube, Vimeo etc.