Google My Business

Optimize your presence online!

A Google Business Listing (or Google My Business page) is essential for all brick and mortar businesses looking to compete in local SEO search results on Google. Creating a Google My Business page will add your business information to Google search results, Google Maps and Google Plus. Since Google local results are the first search results you see below paid results (Paid Per Click Ads), that makes this online real estate even more valuable.

It’s important to make sure your listing stands out among the competition. Our aim is to make sure every Google business listing is optimized and will take advantage of every possible feature to help your listing shine brighter than the rest!

GMB in relation to other Google Propeties

If you’ve used one of Google’s older products – Google Local, Google Places – the new rollout of Google My Business might have been confusing. Basically, Google created the new product – Google My Business – to combine the dashboards of their other local “products” so everything was more streamlined. Now information from your Google My Business account can appear on: Google Plus, Google Maps, and Google Search