Website Optimization

Optimize your presence online!

SEO is also the process of enhancing your website and any mention of your business/brand name outside of your website, to help you rank higher in search engine results. Search engine optimization is an all-encompassing process that includes all forms of Internet marketing and can include offline marketing efforts as well. Our approach is to work with your or your web developer by sending a detailed report of items that can and will restrict your site of getting the best results from the search engines. If this approach does not work well, we will submit a quote to perform any website adjustments that we recommend.

SEO Analysis

The SEO analysis is a critical first step to any successful SEO campaign. Our SEO analysis reviews all the technical aspects of your site that influence search engine rankings. We review your web design, content, site speed, mobile friendliness, accessibility, and security elements. The SEO analysis allows our team to identify a wide range of technical aspects that are negatively impacting your SEO rank, and which SEO tactic will improve the performance of your future rankings.

On -site SEO

Referring to both the content and HTML source of a page, on-site SEO focuses on resolving technical issues which adversely affect how search engines rank your website. We then optimize your page titles, tags, keyword/phrase, content, and overall page structure. Improper on-site SEO not only negatively impacts your rank compared to your competitor, it can prevent pages from being indexed or found at all. Once completed, routine updates to keywords, descriptions, etc. help ensure your pages remain competitive within the search engines.

Link Building

Off-site SEO involves increasing your website’s authority by acquiring high-quality, inbound links. The general thought is that if a lot of sites want to link to your site, you must be providing relevant, high-quality content. Watch out for “black hat” backlink farms which can result in your site being barred from search engines. Instead, focus on press releases and blog posts, particularly guest blogs on 3rd party sites. All of these generate inbound links which in turn drive higher SEO ranking.

SEO Copyrighting

A winning content strategy is fundamental to achieving high SEO rankings. Your content must be written in a way to properly contain the target keywords of your SEO program. However, the final web copy not only needs to increase SEO rankings, it must also convert site visitors into paying customers. That’s where our professional SEO writers come in. Our team produces unique content that appeals to both search engines and your target audience.