Top 10 SEO Books: The Most Highly Rated Search Engine Optimization Books (Reviews).

Online resources are a great resource for search engine optimization. You can find a lot of information online about optimizing your content. You can’t always trust the information you find online and there are many black-hat SEO techniques that could hurt your organic traffic, even though they are often marketed as legitimate. Where can one find reliable information? SEO professionals who have written a book on the subject tend to be more trustworthy and authoritative. I sought out those who work in SEO to share their top recommendations. Here are the Top 10 SEO Books Recommendations by Pros for 2022. Reviews from experts.

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10. SEO Made Simple: All You Need to Learn About SEO and Nothing More
Evan Bailyn


Bailyn claims that SEO is simpler than experts believe. This is because SEO professionals want people to spend a lot of money on SEO trade secrets. Bailyn reveals all the secrets you need to be able to rank high in search engines. This book covers topics such as building trust, Google’s goals, link building opportunities and keywords. It also explains how to leverage content. You will also learn how to avoid the black hat activities that can lead to your deindexation and possibly even death for your business. SEO Made Simple is the ideal guide for anyone just starting their SEO education.

Nate Masterson
Maple Holistics

9. The Long Tail: Why Business’ Future is Selling Less
Chris Anderson


SEO books on SEO are difficult to trust. They seem to be outdated as soon as they are published. Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail is the best SEO book that I have ever read. Although this is not an SEO book, it’s essential reading to anyone involved in online marketing. This is best explained using an example. Because it is so broad, many people search for “widgets”. This is a long-tail phrase. There are a lot less people searching for “blue Widgets” than for “blue Widgets with red Toggles.” These are long-tail phrases. Anderson says that while there are many people searching for “widgets”, the total number of people looking for specific phrases (e.g., blue widgets, blue widgets with red toggles, etc.) is significantly higher than those looking for just widgets.

This has to do with SEO. People often think that they must rank for “widgets” because more people search for long-tailed phrases rather than the short-tailed ones. This is a huge opportunity.

It is important to consider conversion rates. Although there are many people searching for “widgets”, not everyone is looking to purchase a widget. Others are searching for instructions on how to make a widget. Others are searching for instructions on how to use a widget. Widgets have a low conversion rate. People are more likely to convert if they specify the type of widget (e.g. blue widget). For example, someone searching for “I need blue widget today that can ship overnight” may not be very common but they are almost 100% more likely to convert. You are missing the opportunity to convert searches if your SEO efforts are focused on the short-tail. The secret to SEO success is to focus on the long-tail because more people search for long phrases than one short-tailed phrase.

David Zimmerman
Internet Marketing Consultant
Reliable Acorn LLC

8. SEO Like I’m 5, The Beginner’s Guide To Search Engine Optimization
Matthew Capala


This book is a great resource, especially for those who are new to SEO. The book is not about making SEO easy or simplifying complex concepts. It is more about using a different approach and making SEO easier to understand. He is a teacher and does an excellent job explaining SEO in a simple and understandable way. The book is divided into sections that cover the five C’s of search engine optimization: Content, Code Credibility, Connections and Cash. This book is filled with colorful images and screenshots, making it a bit more visual than other SEO books.

Marc Andre
Vital Dollar

This book is for beginners. If you are new to SEO, I recommend that you start with SEO Like I Am 5. This book is a must-read at my digital marketing agency. SEO Like I’m 5, is easy-to-follow, actionable information. The 5 C’s of Search Engine Optimization are: Content, Code, Credibility and Connections. The information is illustrated with vivid screenshots and images. It is difficult to read the book because of its layout. If you break it down into sections, the book is easy to read and provides valuable information for beginners in the field.

Alex Membrillo
Cardinal Digital Marketing

7. You can create a website and make a profit: This is your A to Z blueprint for creating a successful website that converts visitors into buyers
By Iskra Evtimova


I recommend Create a website and Profit: Your A-Z Blueprint for a successful website that converts visitors into buyers by Iskra Evtimova. This book will show you how to make your website SEO-friendly. It is also known as onsite/onpage optimization. Everything is covered in the book, from choosing the domain name to creating the website’s content. The book also includes a chapter on how to convert more visitors and optimize conversion rates. Learn all about buttons, colors, and other elements that make a website great. It’s written in an easy to understand format so that anyone can use it, even those with no IT experience.

Stephanie Cooper
SEO Specialist
Iskra Evtimova – SEO & Marketing

6. Google is the best search engine optimization for top rankings by Jon Smith


Jon Smith’s book “Get in bed with Google: Top Ranking Search Optimisation” is highly recommended for anyone who is interested in SEO and its workings. You need to be familiar with SEO in order to understand it. This book has 52 ideas to help you improve your Google ranking, learn what your SEO is doing and drive high volumes of organic traffic to the website.

The book is funny and well-written. This is why I was attracted to it. Smith offers simple, easy-to-understand tips on SEO. This will allow you to understand why search engines don’t find your site or why your content doesn’t rank well on Google.

Katie Derrick
Senior Content Writer
Africa Travel

5. Landing Page Optimization: The Ultimate Guide to Testing and Tuning For Conversions
by Tim Ash, Maura Ginty, Rich Page


This is not a “SEO guide” but SEO has evolved to be about website experience. SEO’s are now hired to deliver results (increase clients’ revenue) and go beyond keyword rankings and clicks. This book was the first to cover how to improve your website design and content to increase conversions. I highly recommend it for anyone involved in internet marketing.

John Sammon
Sixth City Marketing

4. SEO 2019: Smart marketing strategies for search engine optimization
Adam Clarke

This book is one of the most important books on SEO. Search engines are constantly changing and optimizing, optimizing, and improving. This is something you probably know if you’re an expert on search engines. It is important to stay up-to-date with changes in search engine algorithms. This can lead to significant changes that could affect the effectiveness of certain SEO strategies. This book provides current information on the best SEO strategies and explains how to optimize for the future.

Tim Absalikov
Co-founder and CEO
The Lasting Trend

3. SEO for Growth: The Ultimate Guide For Marketers, Web Designers and Entrepreneurs
By Phil Singleton and John Jantsch


It is becoming increasingly difficult to rank properly in SEO. They focus on those aspects of SEO that will remain the mainstays of the algorithm in their book. These include content creation and distribution, pay-per-click ads, and maintaining an online reputation. SEO for Growth is essential reading material. It is designed to build a profitable website.

Nate Masterson
Maple Holistics

SEO for Growth is an excellent refresher for SEO professionals. This book explains how to build a strong online presence and capture the interest of your target audience. This book is a guideline for what you should know and how to make sure your website is easily found online.

SEO for Growth was published in 2016. This book may not be the best choice if you want to keep up with recent algorithm updates. If you’re looking for the basics of SEO from industry experts, look no further.

Alex Membrillo
Cardinal Digital Marketing

2. Ultimate Guide to Link Building
Garrett French and Eric Ward

This book is focused on the most important aspect of SEO: building links to other websites. This book offers many ideas for finding opportunities in your niche. These ideas can be applied to any type of website. The book also discusses topics such as evaluating links and obtaining the right kinds of links. You’ll also learn how to conduct competitor research and how to create content others want to link too. Link building is a difficult part of SEO for many, so this book’s information can be a big help. Although the book was published in 2013, it has some flaws. However, the content is still applicable and relevant today.

Marc Andre
Vital Dollar

The Ultimate Guide to Link Building is a must-read. It was a great help when I first started our SEO agency. Clients frequently ask me why they should blog. I answer that no one wants to link directly to their product pages or services. You must give value before they will reciprocate.

Eagan Heath
Get Found Madison

Eric Ward’s Ultimate Guide to Link Building is the best SEO book. Eric Ward and his friends invented many of the terms and techniques that we use in SEO today and have a deep understanding of the subject. Although it doesn’t make link building simple, it gives a good overview of the many options available.

Ela Iliesi
SEO and Digital Marketing Training
London Marketing Academy

1. SEO: Mastering Search Engine Optimization
By Eric Enge, Stephan Spencer, and Jessie Stricchiola

The Art of SEO: Mastering Search Engine Optimization is the best SEO book I’ve ever read. The Art of SEO covers all aspects of SEO from creating a custom strategy to implement it, keyword research and website development, as well as technical insights.

There are chapters that provide additional information about SEO, such as content marketing or the importance of social media integrations. It is also written in a way that appeals to both beginners and experts, as well as consultants and business owners. This content will not only explain how search engines work, but also provide information about how to build a SEO team in-house or how to hire the right SEO professional.

The authors are also well-respected in the SEO industry. I felt confident that the contents were reliable. Although SEO is constantly changing, this book can still be used to help you succeed in SEO. Their website even contains major updates on their SEO principles. They also post regularly to their blog, even though the last edition was published three years ago. That’s dedication!

Matt Bassos
Head of SEO
Vuly Play

The Art of SEO: Mastering Search Engine Optimization is a great book to read. This book is great for those who want to get started in SEO, as well as anyone looking to refresh or improve their knowledge. The book is both for beginners and experts, as it covers a lot of information without getting technical.

Keyword research, web development and content marketing are all covered. This book is also up-to-date, as it covers the most recent algorithms such as Google Panda and Penguin 4.0. These algorithms are not mentioned in many books about SEO. Your campaign could suffer if you don’t know the dangers of not following Google’s guidelines. This comprehensive guide is a great book for anyone who wants to learn more about SEO.

James Nuttall
Content Manager
Anglo Liners

I recommend The Art of SEO to all SEO professionals, novice or experienced. This book is the most comprehensive in-depth on SEO available. Many SEO professionals jump in blindly, but many don’t know the history of SEO. The Art of SEO explains the basics, and then guides you through the different layers of SEO’s core elements. Search Engine Optimization is a constantly changing industry. The Art of SEO provides a foundation that will help you keep up with algorithmic changes and updates.

Alex Membrillo
Cardinal Digital Marketing